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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nice To Meet You

When my first daughter was 4, we were heading over to my parents' place to meet my brother's new girlfriend for the first time. I encouraged my daughter to make conversation with the new girlfriend, and to not just talk to my brother only. We were all sitting out on the front porch and this is the conversation which ensued between my first daughter, my brother's girlfriend, and the rest of us:

MFD: (to MBG) Nice day, eh?
MBG: (not understanding) Pardon me?
MFD: It's a nice day.
TROU: She is saying that it's a nice day...
MBG: Oh, it's a nice day! Yes, it's a beautiful day!!
MFD: Nice day to shoot something.
TROU: ha ha ha ha ha

(OK, maybe she had been watching too much Elmer Fudd!!)


Oldest daughter admirer said...

Omg your oldest daughter is hilarious!!!!!

Harry Flashman said...

Isn't she?? Thanks, I'll pass your comment along to her.

Anonymous said...

Priceless... I burst out laughing and it keeps poping back into my head and I keep bursting out laughing "On the metro home"!!!!!

Andy Rankin